Six Tips For Home Decorating With Area Rugs

When decorating a home or apartment, flooring is an area often overlooked and underappreciated. Dedicating attention to this decorating element, however, can prove transformational for almost any room. For well-being and personal comfort, investing in home improvements is a worthy cause. If you do not have the time or finances to commit to major construction efforts, an area rug can do wonders to home flooring.

Wool area rugs can be found in such a variety of different sizes and styles that almost any interior could be matched with a good fit. The Alma collection from Chandra Rugs offers high quality products that are traditional in material and shape, yet contemporary in design. They are the perfect modern accessories for a room that needs a bold touch. Designs are geometric but subtle enough to avoid the risk of taking over a room. Color schemes tend to be quieter, earthy tones, and all styles are made of 100% hand-tufted New Zealand wool.

For an exotic statement, consider the Chandra Amazon collection, which features blended wool area rugs with five different styles of animal prints such as zebra and leopard. This choice is on the adventurous side and should be paired with more reserved décor to maintain a good balance. These area rugs may not be a good pick for a family room, but they are perfect for a bachelor or bachelorette pad.

Braided rugs can also be placed in virtually any room of a house with the assortment of sizes and shapes available. Sizes range from small entryway mats to large floor coverings, and typical shapes are oval, round or rectangular. Fabrics include wool, chenille polypropylene, nylon, cotton and polyester. The braided area rug style often portrays a traditional, early American ambiance. These styles are warm and welcoming rather than flashy or modern.

The Brook Farm collection by Colonial Mills, includes traditional, country-living styles in pleasant color schemes. These rugs add a classic look to any living space and are made of 100% naturalized polypropylene. The products are stain resistant, reversible and can be placed in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Six different flat braid varieties come in eight color multi designs with schemes such as “Blackberry,” “Colonial Blues,” and “Natural Earth,” that all suggest a rustic feel.

Additional options in this category are the Four Seasons braided rectangle and square rugs designed by the renowned fabric designer Lynette Jensen. These area rugs are made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton, with flat and corded braids. The alternating “potpourri” style will bring out all the color accents of a room, and color schemes have a focus on warmth and comfort.

Sisal area rugs, a natural fiber variety, are a good choice for outdoor living spaces such as sunrooms, screened-in porches and patios. Designs range from a more pure and rough look to refined and dyed designs. Other natural fiber area rugs can be found in the Seagrass collection. These area rugs have 100% natural fiber bases constructed of seagrass, mountain grass or tulip grass. Customizable fabric borders add elegance, and sizes can also be tailor-made. Seagrass area rugs have a smoother weave, with a hazelnut tone, and border options, such as sage, dark blue and brick, accompany this material well. The natural look of Sisal area rugs makes them a great accompaniment for a tropical vacation home or cabana.

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Home Decorating Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a good-quality sofa?

I want a sofa that I’ll be able to keep for years. What should I look for?

Hardwood frames that are glued and screwed in place are the most hardwearing. Quality sofas have individual coil springs; mid-price versions use zigzag springs; and budget ones have webbing. Washable, loose covers are good for families, and close-woven covers are durable. But to check if it’s well-made, simply sit on it!

How do I make old floorboards look good?

Sand them with a specialist machine, starting with medium-grade abrasive paper, then going over it again with a fine-grade one. Give the floor three coats of varnish, sanding lightly by hand between coats.

Which blinds are best in lofts?

I’ve just had my loft converted and need to get some blinds for the windows. Is there an alternative to plain roller blinds?

You’ll need blinds in your loft as the light will be very strong and will wake you up early in the morning in the summer. If you’re after something a bit different, pleated blinds have a soft, pretty effect and diffuse light, while traditional roller blinds will help prevent light reflecting on computer and TV screens. Blackout versions are worth considering – they fit into channels at the sides of the window to stop light getting in around the edges – they’re perfect for light sleepers. Venetian blinds are another option, allowing you to tilt the blinds as well as open and close them for maximum flexibility.

How do I try out paint colours without ruining my walls?

I can never decide which paint looks best in my room before I buy, and I don’t really want to put patches of colour all over my walls for weeks. Is there a simpler way that will help me choose the right colour for my room?

Instead of painting tester pots directly onto the walls, use them to paint a large sheet cut from lining paper. The lining paper can then be easily moved around so you can try it on different walls, without spoiling the look of your room.

Can I use bold wallpaper in a small room?

My bedroom is tiny but I want to use a bold-patterned wallpaper. Nice or nasty?

Nice! A big pattern will have an impact in a small room, but use it on just one wall. Choose the colour of the wallpaper carefully – brights will make a small room feel smaller, and soft colour contrasts in the paper create a sense of space. Balance the overall effect by picking plain colours, subtle textures or small motifs for other furnishings.

How do I create a relaxing lighting scheme?

I’m fed up with only having an overhead light, as it doesn’t make the room look very welcoming. How can I make it more relaxing?

Recessed ceiling-mounted spotlights or a pendant light will give you good overall light, but if that’s your only source, the lighting can feel harsh. Soften the overall effect by adding a table lamp next to your sofa and a floor lamp or reading light near your armchair. You should be aiming for around two to three separate light sources for an average-sized room to create pools of light where you need them.

What’s the best layout for a formal living room?

The kids have left home so I want to create a more formal living room. What’s the best way to lay out it out?

If you want a formal room, whatever your style, the one rule is symmetry! Arrange furniture symmetrically and you’ll give your room the grown-up look you’re after. If you have plenty of space, move your sofa so it’s facing two identical armchairs or an identical sofa. You can also use tricks like adding a pair of side tables with matching lamps, or arranging a set of four prints in matching frames on the wall. If you don’t have the space for all of these different elements, choose smaller pieces such as carver chairs instead of upholstered versions. Then just arrange them around a focal point – whether it’s a fireplace, window or a coffee table.

What good-value curtains work with sash windows?

I’ve got high ceilings and beautiful sash windows – but a tight budget. How should I dress them?

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Home Decor Designs

Home Decor Ideas

This guide is not just for people wanting to build their new home, but also for people wanting to get into the business of wood working, wood signs, cabinets and different designs.

Wood design or home improvement is not for everyone and it can also be a really great career to get into so just keep that in mind.

The first feature you should consider putting into your home is reclaimed wood flooring, or wood effect tiles. The choice is up to you and they both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Reclaimed Wood Flooring

If you are considering for going the all natural look then you should definitely try this floor.

Wood Effect Tiles

If you aren’t interested in the all natural look, but you do want the same effect then I strongly recommend porcelain effect tiles, it will be your next best bet. These tiles will never nice, chip or rot and is also a lot easier to keep clean.

There is nothing better than the reclaimed bar wood. That is only if you like the fact of having the nice lovely texture and don’t mind the idea of recycling. In saying that though there is a whole lot of responsibility when you have these in your home. Such as wiping up spills as soon as possible, being careful not to make nicks and little chips and also making sure it doesn’t rot.

Wood Signs

Another amazing feature that you can also add to your lovely new or existing home is adding custom wood signs, make it yourself or simply buy one. You can get them very cheap on Amazon and eBay. But if you do decide to make one for yourself you will become very proud of your new creation and you will get a great feeling of achievement.

Wood Desks

Well this is a great subject indeed when you’re talking about the solid wood designs. There is a whole lot of different varieties of these such as hardwood, softwood, exotic wood the possibilities are endless. Whether you want to make it or buy it is really up to you.


If you want to give your home a nice warm feeling you definitely need a white cabinet with a lot of storage.

To conclude this, very simply put, if you want to give your new home a warm and soft feeling then I suggest getting most of your furniture WHITE. This definitely gives you a sense of comfort and safety. Thanks for reading my article and be sure check out more.

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Tapping Into The $300B Home Decor Industry Using Contextual Search Technology

For the first time in history we are able to measure the consumption patterns, inclinations and tastes of an entire market of consumers in real time-based on their emotional context-and just as quickly adjust the product offering to reflect their intended desires. This is nothing less than an epochal shift in the $330B Home Decor market and possibly many others.

In a world of infinite choice, context–not content–is king!–Eric Schmidt, CEO, Google

The big 3 search engines and online retailers regard home decor as a widely diverse three-dimensional marketplace, yet look at it through a one-dimensional lens to create a user experience without meaning or personal context-resulting in “search noise” (random content or products of poor quality). The Pure Home search technology’s three-dimensional approach, engages the required senses (verbal expression, visualization and emotion) to activate the user’s creative sub-conscience to derive emotional context to create a data set used to filter out search noise by screening for and elevating the few products that are contextually relevant to the consumer, and suppressing the many that are not. Too much search noise results in people not buying.

Clearing away search noise for online retailers, including, or relevancy rank search engines is a challenge-they are missing emotional context. Relying upon one-size-fits-all aggregation and filtering processes that emphasizes simplicity (and lowest common-denominator meta data) forces product queries into a standard presentation model that does not cater effectively to nuance or niche product offerings or styles genres – and therefore, most consumers and manufactures in home decor. Consumers seeking these niche wares have to invest significantly more time to find these products (if they even do find them), manually filtering through a good amount of search noise. If left unchecked, search noise will continue to significantly impede the performance of this market.

Home decor is an exercise in human necessity; a person’s desires to create a living space that expresses “who” they are, but many of us don’t know or how to express what we are looking for, thus content and product recommendations only make sense when they are relevant to a consumer’s self-expression, colors, styles, emotional desires, and like products within various categories. And while contextual or intent recommendations have all the demand-generation power of advertising, they have the benefit of performing at virtually no cost. Most importantly, they boost consumer satisfaction by connecting consumers with products that are more right for them than the broad-appeal found at their local retailer or the algorithmic relevancy of popular search engines. We are leaving the Information Age and entering the Recommendation Age. However, as ridiculously as it may sound, the home decor industry as a whole has yet to embrace the Information Age.

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Home Decorating Made Easy and Simple

In today’s economy everybody is spending less, but wanting more. So how can you get your apartment to have that “Designer look” for less?

First, DIY or Do it yourself. You can save tons of money if you can do it yourself. Visit your local book stores or library and you’ll see hundreds of books on home decorating ideas and do-it-yourself projects.

Start collecting design magazines and clip out the pictures of rooms you like. Study your pictures, observe the different architectural features like windows, fireplaces, recessed ceilings and decorative crown mouldings in the space.

Also note the different furniture styles used within the space, window treatments, upholstery fabrics and floor selections. Study the lighting that was selected, rugs and home décor accessories. Ask yourself, what did you like most or least about these?

Keep a decorating file on hand to inspire and delight your creative senses. Take the pictures with you when you go shopping to keep you on track with the style you are searching for.

Take a trip to your local Lowe’s and Home Depot stores to see all the DIY books and magazines they carry to help you get started. They also have special classes to teach you how. DIY doesn’t sound so scary now, right?

Second, start with one room and third, stick to your budget. Sounds easy? Well, in fact it’s easier than you think. I think what really hangs people up is that they are overwhelmed by the magnitude of the project. That’s why I say start with one room. It’ll be much easier on the budget.
Did I say “budget”. Don’t fret. It’s not such a dirty word. And in this tough economy, even the rich have a budget. You can decorate these days on a very tight budget. It’s just learning how to be smart and creative.

(I would like to inject at this point that if you are considering on hiring the help of an expert instead of doing it yourself, make sure to ask the expert for referrals of customers they have helped in the past. Hire only reliable, reputable contractors and ones that guarantee their work. Get a contract in writing. I am not responsible for who you hire. Do your homework!)

However, if you are going to do this yourself, and YES YOU CAN, you will need to evaluate your budget, which will be determined by if you are doing the whole apartment, or room by room.

Other factors to consider to stay within your budget are the size of the room, the design theme or style you want to achieve, what needs to be replaced or repaired, and furniture, fixtures or accessories you will need to purchase.

Apartment decorating is fun and exciting. You can make any home spectacular, inviting and comfortable, no matter what the size. So let’s get started. First, analyze the room you will decorate and determine what it is that you like and don’t like about the space.

Now think about your personal style you would like to achieve in the space. If you’re not sure what your personal decorating style is, shop a few furniture stores and designer showcases in your area.

They group comfortable settings together called “vignettes”, pronounced “vin-yets” in different styles. This will help you determine the styles you like and don’t like. You’ll begin to affirm what strongly appeals to you and what doesn’t. And what you would like to incorporate into your own space.

Now, ask yourself these questions:

What do I feel most comfortable in? Do I like formal or informal? Casual or elegance? Traditional or contemporary? Your personal style is an expression of who you are, what you like, your tastes, your moods, your life experiences, travel, education and so forth. It shows YOU, by way of color, texture and style, just by what we display in our spaces.

Color is another factor to consider in your design theme. You’ll want to pay close attention to what colors excite you and make you comfortable, happy, or even sad. Are you drawn toward warm colors like reds and yellows? Or cool colors, like blues and greens?

Besides the furniture stores, you can also get great home decorating ideas by surfing the Internet. With just a simple click of your mouse the world of decorating is opened up to you. You can get decorating ideas, hire experts, get DIY project ideas and purchase the products you want, all through the amazing world of online technology.

You’ll be simply amazed at the many online stores that cater to your budget. From flooring, walls and windows, to window treatments, furniture and accessories, you’ll get tons of great ideas, as well as great prices you can afford, to start your journey on your apartment decorating.

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